Ego Outlooks


Imagined to be Privileged Possession

And nurtured with Self-esteem Pride

To show-off own Favorable Positions

For imposing & expecting self-choice


Mistaken to be handy mindful Means

To play around with intended Wishes

As per own terms of whims & fancies

And try to prove to be always correct


The adamant & obstinate approaches

Deny to accept beneficial Suggestions

And appreciate God granted Goodies

With whole hearted Respect & Honor


Deceptive egoist idea bound to crash

In light of bitter Reality of Scenarios

Ruining best of deals & Connections

As none can forever be indispensable


Standing firmly on some Convictions

May turn out  Ideal & Sensible ones

If made sparingly for worthy causes

With duly considered view of Vision


Best policy to be Away from all Egos

Flexible, honest, kind & cordial ones

Moving along Smoothly and Suitably

Making for peaceful, nice Happy life


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