Endless greed feels


Indeed typical nature with some

Be in the habit of keep collecting

And amassing very many things

But not feel satisfied with the lot


They wish pleasure of possession

May be of deprived things of life

Or things of status symbol of life

And also exhibit as affluent taste


As a result not only continue buy

So many unwanted useless things

As well find chance avails as gifts

Feel glad to make more additions


Stage might come when no room

Place & hold any further things

And old nice things look spoiled

Owing want of any care & usage


Sad they donít try to think & see

Why & for whom that collection

And likely time in good condition

Can give happiness of wished use


Very weird state of the situations

Own nature disallow use benefit

And greedy heart canít part with

Valued things & to give anybody


Result in only sorry state for sure

Whilst collections loose its values

And be discarded as useless then

Or the collector may find life exit

And leaves behind loved treasure

As legacy for lucky one to delight


What an end to endless greediness!



Music now Playing "Are you here to stay"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

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