Envy not if exist peace


Some people look has the bad habit of comparing self with others life & agitate as feel envy for nothing. They refuse to understand that God has made everybody different in every respect live own destine lot of bless chances of life state & also deprive un-fated things. And gift own ability of idea develops desired skill & efforts find the dream wish for things of self & own related. Though not sure be successful or not.


As such we are all unique in some way enjoy the favourable plus points & bear own loads of adverse short comings of any nature. So whatever meant for self better learn to adjust as best possible & be contented get benefit rather than envy see what others have since canít change own life lot  anyway.


The difference of the situation & state start with our birth as the natureís pre-setting of the arrival. That way gets the look, health, family place facility, care concern support upbringing. Then have own physical, mental & financial strength shape life get education & essential know-how find the suitable work place earn living & settle in life as adult person live single or marry someone live own life style & stand ups and downs of life as undergo the life span. Again the old age situate can be happy one for some & miserable for some base on destiny or own making of wrong behaviour with related people.   


It is so strange that human mind has the tendency to overlook & discount own bliss easy so unable feel satisfied & crave cry for what is not there as if only big matter give happiness & grow attitude of harmful feel of envy. And effect spoil life but blame God, hard luck & own related who are in fact no way responsible.


If one can realize nothing can be achieved by envying any, who looks beautiful with fair skin, have well built personality so look strong, have competence of the talent get preferential treatment & higher place of importance with nice pay packet. As well some lucky being is rich afford live luxurious life & have loving relatives support too.


However, there is no need to dishearten feel bad about. If can think positive, the life is a matter of compensation granted by the nature to all who maybe even worst way situated yet find solace & hope live betterment. But only condition is to make effort in right direction so that maybe create own place of honour despite the hard shortcomings.


It is possible to overcome the inferiority complex of skin colour by friendly attitude & helpful cordial nature pleases any. The talent ability can be developed take necessary education & training get the wish mastery of any field & then find the suitable job wait rise on merit, let take time but not impossible. No matter, if not birth with golden spoon in mouth. There are many fine chances to earn money live reasonably well if can explore right path suit own capability. The problem of kind relatives may not be there if nature is pleasant interact nice with all who come across in any capacity & live around. If we go to see, may feel alone amid many own & though live all alone, spiritually can be with any & all feel happy hear good news & move sad when hear bad news though no way related.


The state of happiness is within heart & not a thing can be purchased from market against a price. Surely own choice keep envying in vain lose peace or wise enough craft own life state as best as possible so can exist peaceful in own world.


Please think for a while that it is really worthless waste the precious short life over the futile feeling of envy.


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