Essential believe in self


  Essential believe in self


Essential believe in self


Mistaken to expect life be

Bed of Roses all the time

Can comfortably live easy

As may please to desires


But the reality is different

Be full of many problems

And hurting hardship time

As nothing appear go right


Easy feel sorry & self pity

In frustration over things

That effect suddenly bad

Despite due efforts made


Failure of expected result

May have shaken up life

Feel everything worthless

And no resort to remedy


More like add fuel to fire

All may be saying things

Nothing but adverse time

As aggravate hurting feel


True is natural as human

Feel hopeless in gloomy

State of the lost mindset

Unable think what to do


Start blames self in pain

Also hate own inability

Think be useless can do

Anything nice as others


Those negative beliefs

Help none handle state

But drag one confused

And take wrong action


Here lie test of tenacity

Of patience with daring

And believe in own self

With confidence of will


Endure blow of the fate

Stop defeat discourage

And decide persist effort

Aim realize dream wish


This positive attitude

Invite supportive vibes

Help the determination

Achieve dear ambition


Wise understand well

Nothing move in favour

Unless make it happen

Believe in self capacity



Music now Playing "Some days it happens"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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