Everything happen for Reasons



Many times we wonder and feel lost to understand why something happened which was unexpected & appear to be against the interest. Similarly, how certain things happen all of a sudden to great surprise which was never thought to be ones luck of bliss.


It is human nature to see own dreams materialize as per intended wishes of self interest, out of any logical views or may be irrational visions of likely benefits. Moreover, always strive hard to safeguard luckily chanced matters & regret if fail to do so.


However, forget own helplessness before the ways of supreme power & play of fate which are never known in advance. That comes to light only when fall due to be conveyed to the concern. We can only do our best within the capacity & wait for the ultimate result of fulfilling intentions or face the disappointments.


As such, better to remember, anything that happens or does not happen as per our desires is basically governed by some unknown factors beyond the mortal human control. That may turn out to be fortunate or misfortune any time at later stage.


Believe or not that everything happens for reasons if we may analyze.



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