Everything is a Deal


Sound to seem very queer but if given a serious thought, the hidden truth may be observed. The whole universe and the entire arrangement of the predetermined moves of every one, is nothing but a sort of deal. One may make any efforts and strive ones might to acquire preferential position to fulfill own wishes, but there is no guarantee of the success due to various hidden controlling reasons.


This fact can be found with respect to all connections and the applied line of interaction treatments. It may pertain to personal, social, official and the society in general or commercial, political, religious and diplomatic dealings. As long as both the concern party view the prevailing terms as mutually favorable, the dealing continues.


All the same, when one thinks it to be unfair & dislikes, plan to make changes to suit own revised stand. His initiated new pattern of deals may get accepted due to any compelling forces at that time or treated as unworkable. In the trial of seeking own benefits, both try to negotiate & balance self interests. If there is element of appreciative values, even changes are approved. However if happen to exist out of mere mercy considerations, new terms may be rejected & lead to bring an end. 


Any related & known connections & also earlier unknown associates, likely to get along well, regardless of unkind ways of one side or be based on only selfless goodness. Their secret trend of operative function, hardly one thinks about, but has some connection with the deal deeds of any past births. The level of intimacy & the duration remain as bliss till destined. However on tenure getting over, it will appear reduced or missing, despite any craving or efforts to save the continuity. 


As such, each and every interaction boils down to a sort of some deal in the form of past, present or future give and take account that one creates and honor that obligation at one or the other time. It is human nature to expect comfortable things & avoid unsuitable situations, but forget the same wish of other side too, who also wants to ensure his gain. Hence, one with higher capacity is lucky to prevail any deal in question. 


The life keeps moving like wise till the invisible power of cosmos, finds the completion of the assigned & also enough of new created deals in a given life cycle. That time, return reporting summon is served. After reviewing the performance & giving some halt, decides to send back with fresh set of capacity files to enable deals & build the records. 



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Composed and Played by John Torp


Used with permission  


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