Face Masking


The idea is to hide the real identity and wear some made out look to create the disguised impression on the viewers for that point of time. It is the very favorite way of game play prevalent in the party of children as well as teenagers gathering for the dancing pleasure or the fun game to get innocent joy. The participants try to fool around their known group members for a while and feel happy to tease friends.


There can also be the implied masking, conveniently used by every one at one or the other time on various occasions, at personal, social, official or even diplomatic political levels with a view to present nice picture of state of things and maintain the desired interactions. The purpose is to keep the privacy & secrecy of own problems and plans of intended actions. Many times it becomes the handy tool used by the well wishers for the genuine reasons of giving the promising hopes & the feelings of courage during the envisaged adverse situations.


It is logical and natural thinking with everybody, not to display & share the own sufferings to others, not to admit outsiders in knowing family problems & not to permit any one in the office know about the difficulties of the home front situations. Similarly all government planning & administrative machineries strive hard to keep confidential matters in secretive confidence to safe guard the misuse. These objectives is well achieved, by invisible masking of smile, cool face, expression of busy pretext, the shrewd denial of any thing seriously wrong due to failure of possible options or try to look totally unknown, to side track the issue in question.


Moreover, at times some crafty persons conveniently wear the gloomy look of innocence, great helpless needy, in the grave troubles, facing of undue blames & torture, harassed for the insensible reasons or any suitable cooked up calamity crisis for that matter. They intend to save own skin and followed punishments, some how shake off the responsibility, seek desired help & permissions or invite the sympathy & succeed to serve the self ends.   


These various simple masking devices tend to be dangerous devil weapons, in the hands of the antisocial elements & the corrupt characters. It also becomes the easy duping ways for the enemies and terrorists. Their malicious harmful motives engineer the innovative ways of face change techniques, so as to hide real identity and manage to escape after finishing the targeted mission. 


As long as the face masking is for innocent fun or in good faith, is treated beneficial & nice idea. If it is used to make some personal gains without much harm to others, may be tolerated. If the purpose is to shift the self faults on others & save own position intact, that can be curtailed by some strict measures. However, it is very difficult to imagine & suppress the disguised ways of the deceiving aliens, to safe guard the damage and loss of lives & property. This is the real worrying cause for the concern, since mostly remains out of the control.



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