Face to Face talk



Many a times one is hesitant to talk to a concern person directly & explain own view of the stand on the subject matter. The reason being ego clash due to the seniority of age or position, feeling of the guilt realize have done something wrong but unable to admit or fear of losing assured dear place. As well imagine may have to suffer some action if the damage done is not pardonable so prefer to keep mum.


The matter can pertain to some official decision on important & vital policy guidelines that someone trying to bypass serve self interest or let be the routine work assignments. The argument can also over the priority work schedule too & question of individual head choice. If only all concern understand that they have to work in harmony to achieve the common target, they would think about the joint discussion & decide right line of action plan without unfairness to any.


In fact we all spend major of our time in office, factory, institute, work organization or business house. And associate with the coworkers, juniors & superiors to accomplish the set goal. And require dealing with outsiders too. All will naturally have different temperament; attitude & way of interaction as come from different upbringing, education, state of family & talent level. Moreover each one want to compete with others prove self be the best competent person. Yet need realize that got to converse cordially if wish to get along well with all. Else life can be difficult to carryon see none cooperate & left out support as if boycott. But can do nothing to correct the situation.


Then frustrate & keep grumbling in vain. And feel upset if happen be unlucky see nothing go right find due appreciation & recognition. In addition lack of self confidence, no innovative ideas to impress & unknown fear of the adverse action if oppose, force to obey the given orders against will. In fact condition be worse if some crafty around happen to report the high authority about the uttered grudge against their verdict.


All these trouble & heartache can be saved if one has the knowledge & the guts to express self direct to the superior in a polite but firm manner. If there is a merit of the different point of view, that maybe accepted & appreciated too. And if fails to convince own logic, let get rejected & made to do whatever is told. But then there be no suffering in silence.


 And the intensity of bitterness also maybe less even if clearly looks force of the power play behind refusal of the right suggestion. As can easy find solace believes ‘life is like that so can’t help.’ Also satisfaction saves self from malice of the spiteful since none will have the chance to paint the distorted picture of voiced statement & spoil the name make wrong allegation.


We can find presence of a few nasty everywhere in life. In the family, community, organizations & even amongst so called friends & well-wishers too. They are like the hidden enemy wait for the chance of the backstabbing. They loudly display much concern care for other members to earn good repute so that can manage to grab everything per desire escape any blame.


And in order to achieve this motive they start undue arguments, initiate unnecessary fights & create lots of confusion between the concern members. They gossip annoying stories against the sentimental, honest head of the family & weak member so can cause much enmity between them. This situation can be controlled well only by open conversation. However, if that is impossible due to heat of the moment, then obvious sorry state of the separation & regret later.


As such it is very essential to mind well that under any painful situation, no matter the valid reason, attempt of the direct tactful talk alone can help solve the hurting issues in best possible way in the interest of all concern.


All the same we can never forget the anomaly part of the high value face to face talk. Some cunning people use it as sure shot weapon to serve the self interest. They are very confident that can be easy cook-up stories against intended victim which will be regarded as truth in blind faith by close dear & near one. As well be certain have no risk of doubtful verification.