Fair skin Mania



  Fair skin Mania


Fair skin Mania


Strange but the bitter reality

People have strong obsession

And magnetic of craved wish

Favor to have the interaction

By fair skin deal any relation


Can pertain to personal level

Share to any life relationship

In family, society, friendship

Caste, creed & race customs

Or customary country pride


All desire enjoy special place

Of being the beautiful female

Or live as the handsome man

And delight gain higher treat 

Entitle the honour of own say


Supreme ego feel self-esteem

Still as spoil by the relatives

Believe right underestimate

And disregard sentiments of

Anybody if dark complexion


Sad think undue importance

Base on mere apparent looks

Likely affects reduce appeal

With age, sickness & mishap

Hear eye-opener lesson then


Such disappointing life state

Not there for sensible person

Modest see other quality too

Like nature, sincerity, talent

And nice care respect others


 Likewise sense understand

Useless inferiority complex

Rouse self degrade & curse

Being birth has dark shade

But wise lead life of dignity


Essential to remember well

Skin colour not must thing

Make blissful content state

Bless peace of all happiness

Pleasure the deserved place


Music now Playing "It was long ago now"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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