Fantasy World


Normally every one imagines this to be meant for the pleasures and momentary joy of children while watching some super natural events movie or reading the comics of the fairy land.


Hence matured elders never suppose to take any interest or considered to get some happiness in this imaginary world for those little moments. It is mostly treated as useless day dreaming or the wasteful pass time of idle persons.


However the valuable merits of its role is unfortunately overlooked. If one recalls, dreams have always been the driving force behind every new & innovative inventions & ways of the beneficial systems.


It induces one to achieve visualized goals which earlier none may have succeeded or attempted before due to the fear of the failure. The uncertainty may move against the plans, but sure to give satisfaction of trying the challenging assignments & opportunity to prove outstanding with different abilities.


Even if the envisaged dream turn out to be unpractical or difficult to materialize, still remains to be as the pleasing memory whenever thought over.


It is essential to think that all are not favorably placed and lucky to fulfill their intended wishes in real life. But they can easily avail few moments of the desired happiness in the Fantasy world and derive courage to face own plight in fortitude with smiles.


As such, it is not only the source of pleasant time for children but the inspiring media & place to find inner strength for positive spirits in any ones life.  



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