Fate can only test me


Yes I am prepared to face

Any of fateís toughest tests

Trying out all my patience

And courage to withstand

Trials & tribulations in life


You are welcome to decide

Withdraw any of your help

And remove least of mercy

During even blink of hopes

Promise any chance favour


In fact I can give some ideas

If find trouble in parcel less

Send truck full misery load

 Still feel that be not enough

Wagon load may satisfy you


I have bliss of inner strength

And have patience to sustain

Every suffering in my stride

But never come to complain

And beg you to be little kind


Iím sure you do not bother

Listen & feel sorry observe

Anybody helpless in distress

Breathe in the sigh of grief

And face hard luck of agony


I have learnt to live my lot

And feel time will come up

While you will stop testing

Change mind to favour me

And try things to please me


Music now Playing "Sadness"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "dblue117.jpg" taken from




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