Fate help only fighter


  Fate help only fighter


Fate help only fighter


Natural wish of everyone want

Be winning all the time as aim

And shine like outstanding too

Show self be the best than rest


And pleasure see appreciated

By one & all who once ignore

Start pay attention & respect

See got honour & place in life


But the desire & destine state

Rarely match for a few lucky

Birth bless achieve hope easy

Or be diligent realize one day


Yet canít be sure of anything

As exist ideal in every matter

And enjoy forever if once get

Must know life is not so kind


Best of situation can change

In blink of eye as cruel blow

When time look step against

Lost think what can be done


Here be trail of testing time

Force life of gloom or Glory

As govern by ability to cope

Amid will power of courage


Person with self confidence

Choose will not give-up but

Keep on try grasp patience

Until succeed place set goal


Though failure only persist

Feel fight the loosing battle

But trust would win in end

As cosmic power may bless


And think positive as suffer

Boring sweat prove endless

Feel have learnt new lesson

During the various attempt


When fate see intense wish

With sincere effort of trail

Maybe please grant desire

Appear as surprise delight


And even if doesnít happen

Sense God know what best

Wait come to light later on

Until fall due let one know


Be certain fate would help

Only fighter never quitter



Music now Playing "This time"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission


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