Faultfinding habit


  Faultfinding habit


Faultfinding habit


It is a high negative feel amid

Self-esteem a few love delight

As if doing grand thing in life

Which many fail find as fault


Nothing howsoever be perfect

Can ever expect pass out well

During that funny check-post

Dearly set persist & continue


So canít escape the criticism

Emerge from own viewpoint

Believe be only right method

Sight any other way is wrong


Such people never feel happy

Or appreciate the good work

By anyone be own or related

As duty or like achievements


Hard see the reason for such 

Habit no good for both sides

As definite hurt the concern

 And invite enmity clutch self


If intention happens be good

Can opt decent ways to deal

And give the kind suggestion

Feel get welcome by receiver


But not nice mean rundown

Other people for nothing as

Disregard their due dignity

Suppose have got birthright


Well habit seldom tend die

More be difficult if outlook

Have opposing mind power

But can correct if desire so


Wise remember mind well

If can not or donít want to

Please anyone, never mind

At least wish not upset any


 Music now Playing "Now that I see you"

Composed & Played by John Torp

 Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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