Feel magic when say sorry


Just say this small simple word

Get away & get on very nicely

By shaking off any wrong done

And wipe out guilt feeling if so


Never mind if really not honest

Feel bad about act & omissions

Still lip service be good enough

Trust please & pacify concerns


What an idea one seem imagine

Refute inflict intentional hurts

Though clearly look disregard

Overlook caused effects coolly


Express canít help if anybody

Be unhappy, sad and feel bad

In spite of say sorry to satisfy

But sure right live own choice


Treat as handy tool play with

Try excuse inadvertent hurts

To anybody in the routine life

And move forget the incident


At times we tend speak aloud

Oh! So sorry for your plights

Whilst witness or read about

News of people suffers ill fate


Sometimes there be mistakes

Not intend to offend or insult

But happen to hurt concerns

 Owing what has said or done


Later very much regret fault

Fear good connections effect

And wish to save the situation

With only proper word sorry


What a marvel magic powers

This five letter word possesses

Help multifarious eventuality

Induce think forgive & forget

Get peace of feeling fine in life


Music now Playing "Feeling fine"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission


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