Feeling of self importance

  Feeling of self importance


Feeling of self importance


Natural feeling of everybody

Want have some importance

All the time when be present

Watch regard & admiration


Reason of self greater state

Owing plus point of ability

And talent cope affair best

Amid careful interact style


Whether as family member

Friend, relative or connect

Anyone in society, institute

Office & also any unknown


Faith own task contribution

Be utmost & much valuable

Assist achieve anything fine

Thus look rely rest at peace


Also some have wrong trust

Self grant domination right

Only due to age, sex, beauty

Or power, position & riches


Think own say must prevail

And make decision as abide

All concern ask no question

Though have different view


But forget such importance

Always fall short last a long

In absence of genuine merit

Upset find hatred eliminate


Moreover necessary know

If really not being used up

Induce sweat as just show

Apparent grand gratitude


As emotion of importance

Blind picture none can be

Indispensible person here

And logic mostly all forget


Anyone & all kind favour

At once when not present

As if have had no relation

Suffer sad for depart one


Hence need realize how far

Wise devote time as ignore

Own dear, leisure & health

And satisfy importance feel


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Background by John Torp





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