Finding desired Gift


Once God was in good mood

Thought hear prayers of all

Desperately wanting to find

Own gift of longed for desire


Each one had different idea

Estimated as the best thing

And be precious possession

Create self life happy state


Some wanted big currency

Some diamond, gold, silver

Some wanted the monopoly

Empire of trade & business


Some wanted high position

Plus the abandoned powers

Be house, society and office

Or enjoy big political place


Some wished fame & name

For the innovative creation

Be research or art & music

With due credits & reward


Some wished for luxury life

Full of the stylish amenities

And good luck in game play

To be the winner of fortune


Then heard a low tone voice

A request to bless if possible

Give peace of mind & heart

Lead worthy contented life


All were blessed their wishes

And some years had passed

God tried view with divinity

How nice all may be living


Saw none but one was glad

Despite get wishes realized

Since wants keep changing

Save only the spiritual spirit


Music now Playing "Blow wind Blow"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "dblue017.jpg" taken from


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