Flame of Anger


Harmful but Natural Instinct

With all living being on earth

Differ in degree and intensity

And way of Expressing anger


Could be wild Fumes of Fury

Seen in rash words & Action

Or wisely Controlled Display

Implied by silent Implication


May be out burst of Feelings

Of frustration & compulsion

Or be sign of hopeless hopes

To fight the fate of Adversity


Be revolt against Treatments

Or show own position powers

Exhibit authority of decisions

Or create punishment Scares


Can be of Snobbish attitudes

To order intended wish need

Or a arrogant behavior style

To ensure Priority Attention


Numerous justifiable Causes

Making Impulsive Moments

Or be pride of short Temper

Behind the rude approaches


Anger consumes the wisdom

And induce irrational action

Ablaze all bliss luck to Ashes

And leave behind only agony


Wise to bear things in Stride

And promote tactful method

To achieve Desired Outcome

With Ease, peace and Smiles



Music now playing "Blind Date"

Composed & played by John Torp


Used with permission  


Background "Orang028.jpg" taken from




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