Fluctuating state of Feelings


Indeed human mind is unpredictable

Uncertain & indifferent many times

Regard & value bliss of kind graces

Find nice state, own people & things


Very difficult to understand & see

Ever changing behaviour patterns

Like ways of wind & waves of sea

Unable to predict be friend or foe


The preference graph move erratic

And at times drop below least level

Still never bother make due amend

Worry situation can go out of hand


Wonder whether hold wrong ideas

Vision things for granted & forget

To reciprocate with esteem regard

Oblige others also change suitably


Unwise think self be supreme one

And concerns never feels get hurt

Thus never mind ill-treat & harsh

While interact with any one in ego


Evident to loose good connection

Sometime influence the patience

Outcome distress but own invite

And lament left alone canít help


Wish be forgiven negligent deals

Get back ignored fortunate time

Promise value other side feelings

And care control wavering mind


But Oh! NoÖ..life is not generous

And kind to grant blessings twice


Music now Playing "There you go again"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "big1561.jpg" taken from



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