Fume of anger burn you first


Though everyone know that anger is the most harmful emotion of all living being on earth yet be the natural & uncontrollable instinct once get charged with that feel. At that crucial moment only a few maybe able to hold the force of the temper go out of hand act & say anything unwise prove injurious regret later.


Granted that the reason behind can be much just & logical arouse the anger when find things are going wrong despite make best of the sincere efforts, superiors compel to obey unjust commands, can be out burst of the frustrations feel helpless set things right for self & for related ones & seem fret over sorry state of life as always deprive even minimum life necessity or suffer unsound health since a long, see being taken for granted get used up like the doormat, get blames for none of own creation, want revolt against raw-deals & likewise there be numerous valid reasons.


But one thing is certain that one must mind own words & actions under any circumstances that reflect feeling of the anger easy. As the rash action & bad words would spoil the matter & aggravate the situation go against, let no return make amend. The anger is like grasping a hot coal wish to throw at someone inflict hurt but forget burn own hand first & also pain when find have failed affect intended others.


We can as well observe some people are in a bad habit of shouting in angry tone all the time show self importance of authority, power& position. They seem pride snobbish attitude hope gets the priority attention & order as create the punishment scare. But mistake disregard the place of others, as all have got the right to live own dignity no matter exist life of fated paucity, imperfect & unlucky place inferior state.


All the same God may have blessed some special talent help stand valuable in own way give satisfaction overlook all the trouble. Again none can claim be perfect & extra ordinary do everything all alone at home or in office without support of anyone. As even the lowest level person has own important role to play make connected happy that canít be denied.


As such if one happen to displease everybody by egoist unkind behavior, then will call disrespect soon when all would decide ignore hear & leave alone pay no attention result the big defeat as unable function well & panic risk get rid of. Moreover, it is wrong think that all will be influenced by superior state so dare not ever spell right view on the matter & can have guts proceed.


The fuss & fury of anger consume wisdom & induce take irrational actions of only regrets. If there is a merit of own view, can be told in tactful decent way & convince the concern move accordingly. Also can have the amicable discussion & hint please accept or have heart accept the good logical suggestion by mere smile. Then can expect desired response & maintain nice relationship with all without hurt on either side.  


Background by John Torp



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