Gift of mind bless


  Gift of mind bless

Gift of mind bless


God has given us all

Very special gift of

Unique mind power

With huge capacity


Store the unlimited

Record of everything

As auto save matters

Never liable erase


So that we are able

Remember & recognize

Faces, voices & vibes

Of own & unknown


Also remember well

Every learnt lesson

Visited places, once

Met or seen people


Have inbuilt capacity

Replay bygone past

Whenever wish for

Can relive blissful in


Happy moments of

Sweet time blesses

Feel happy a while

Forget hurting pain


Also act as teacher

Remind sour feels

Care guard against

Tricky cunning one


Rarely like a boon

Some lucky ones

Have clear vision

Of any past birth


So can reconnect

Earlier soul-mate

Own near & dear

Also recall talent


As show mastery

On given matter

Faith wonderful

Mind is God gift