Good & bad omen belief


We can find that mostly everybody have got some beliefs about seem sign of good & bad omen, regardless of live in which country, have different religion faith, community, cast or creed when certain incidences happen in own life, relate near & dear ones or even as witness occur for any unknown too.


Usually all the beliefs enters ones mind right from the childhood as keep hear from the elder family members & also observe that seem come true at times as pointed out to them to convince about the hearsay & might unknowingly gets strongly engraved in the heart over a period of the time while growing.


And appear like own conviction too as share with others. Some think hearing of crying sound of dogs at night bring bad news, crossing of black cat ones way while going for some important work or sneezing or someone call you back will spoil the matter.


But if hear crow’s noise sit on your window means some guests are coming your place or can expect get some good news is on the way. If you find some young girl come from opposite side or a lady with water pot passes your way, intended work will be done.  Again if you happen to hear the good luck wish or take blessings of some people, that will help do well in exam or strike a good business deal. As well keeping or wearing of some religious symbol thing can protect the wearer from harm of the evil effects.


We must have observed that all have own preference think particular number, colour, day, date, time of the day, visit own faith religious place, chanting of some prayers & such other things find the cosmic powers hope desired beneficial effects. As well attach importance to use particular pen, wear clothes and eat eatable like curd-sugar or piece of jaggery before leave house if on some important mission. 


Also fear a lot about some events like losing gold or money, birth & death of related on particular day & time, suddenly falling the photo of close dear from wall & see break the glass frame then, missing of some important ceremony item on the special life event day, see own relative get injured & bleed when attend such function, have some bad dreams concern self or near ones much dread as bad omen be certain bring tears of calamity in life.


Some think if first see face of some lucky one for self in the morning can make the day go fine. And believe if happen to notice some people’s face, sure to spoil the day & some think there is nothing like ever have the other’s influence see any on self but own making make it appear that way.


It is considered that some people are so nasty & unfortunately have evil power inflict hurting effects if be displeased & get angry utter curse words, be sure tend ruin life of any. So better be away from them as best save self as wise. However in sharp contrast mere presences of some Angel like pious person & their blessings can make magic give peace relief from the pain & problems but need be lucky recognize such personality seem very few only.


Moreover, a few blessed people also seem get the intuitive feels as sign of good & bad omen not only concern self but near & dear related also & happen sense delight or feel sad but refrain tell any in advance as nothing to prove such feeling.


At times we may also see the series of incidences occur in sequel cause the diverse harm to self or hear for own ones, wonder what is happening & why but see no answer, though if pay due attention easy feel nothing but warning of bad omen prepare face ill-fated time.


However, we may also experience something unusual when on a particular day you don’t feel like move out of the house & yet if plan go attend essential work someone look delays for some reason like a boss in the office holdup extra time insist finish urgent matter & make miss usual time mode of transport feel sorry then. But may know later that was like sign of hidden good omen help escape meet accident danger.   


Likewise there are many strong beliefs about some omen in life but what may hold true for one may not be so for all others necessarily. Further the same feel also maybe subject to change with time never know. As well may sound how strange some think occurrence of good & bad omen only responsible source effect related result but mistaken feels.  And need view as just the indicators of likely time ahead. 




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