Have got no time please…..


We all hear this phrase many times

One ready pet answer like fast food

Need no time cook & quickly served

As ask do a thing hear that response


How strange statement of shortage

Whilst Nature has given equal time

Of twentyfour hours to all do things

Move along set schedule of ones life


But when fail to complete the work

Or don’t incline to finish set target

Panic scolding & likely punishment

Hope want of time be saving grace  


Deficient courage to face adversity

Own up the fault & spell out cause

Try to save self under seem shelter

With complain be no enough time


Poor time really like a good friend

Runs help rescue anybody in crisis

And accept the blame as scapegoat

Or may silently help escape denial


Well human mind may be claver

To manipulate & move own way

But bad think can deceive others

Stop to comprehend truth easily


Where as nice observe anomaly

Persons really very much busy

Attend important urgent things

Give time to all & listen kindly

And extend helping hand nobly


So never say “No time please”

The time & tide wait for none


Music now Playing "Snow is falling"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "multi006.jpg" taken from



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