Health is Wealth


There are just no two opinions about this all time clear reality of our life when hear any talk about this subject & also advice others that one should take due care of self & health of dependent ones too or one day may suddenly start suffer some sickness as if pay the price & can not blame any but own-self for that.


All the same strongly believe this truth doesnít hold good for self as enjoy the freedom have the self granted immunity from this natural rule for sure. Hence no worry if ignore care health once born healthy. Also suppose be how busy than all others with so many urgent things to meet the schedule target, responsibility run the show at home & in office,  bear so many hidden life tensions, be personal & official matters in addition discourage desire care health.


There are some tough frustrations also live agony of unjust treats from own ones & associated ones cause develop some bad habits find imaginary relief for a while & soon fall under their harmful control but canít help. Likewise unexpected failures in life tempt one try risk self in the heat of the moment, as blind see can ruin own healthy state forever if happen survive.


Moreover, there are many seem how unfortunate birth some incurable defects & ill-health for which nothing much can be done though may take any amount of essential care without make mistake but of no avail. Also some people look subjected to fated trouble start during perform duty or while get wrong treatment for some sickness & find badly affect emerge other serious sickness for a while or forever. As well at times could catch infection of patient when treat or nurse but due to that fear canít forget own noble duty.  


Some appear overconfident have wrong attitudes in life tend be careless & rash do everything as trust nothing can ever go wrong with self but shock find danger in front see no way can escape easy & even if may save self but not without suffer hell in hospital for months together & later be patient for balance life.


Apart from such physical sickness we can observe there seem many suffer psychological sickness on account of timid indecisive worrying nature & incapacity to cope with certain situation. Also idle mind imagine worst of things happen cause concern for self & own ones for nothing. They guess everyone be enemy wait take advantage, so be restless & worry. That mind-set may surface any physical disorder difficult to cure.


Again we come across some people always seem complain & cry be sick so as to invite attention & sympathy. As suppose can avoid do any work under that pretext & in fact others will give needed support. So happy see no responsibility & simply relax only. They require compelling force oblige finish assigned work and then only may stop lying false sickness.


All said & done let any reason be immaterial & must understand that all have own loads of life pressures yet have to remember & mind well that health is biggest wealth in life. If blunder neglect & lose, no running around, spending & regret over the lapse can help restore. Again if think that bad health condition seems be just own fate, then also why fret & cause addition make things bad to worse.


Wise consider everything as part of life & effort endure best, but can succeed only if have the right attitude of positive feel forbear adversity with smiles & value the wealth of good health protect fine. 



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