Helpless help own enemy

  Helpless help own enemy


Helpless help own enemy


We fail imagine reason whilst observe

Anybody look behave like own enemy

And locate danger own vested interest

Logic why on earth wants fancy harm


But here in this world show no dearth

As find some specimen like character

Always prove senseless act just awful

Follow false ego of absurd daydream


Sure no way can result helpful future

And spot blunder of willful wild idea

Maybe matter of time comes to light

But then appear too late effect revise


Seem so strange that God look bless

All wish for things exist as fortunate

But own careless whimsical attitude

And selfish mind pleasure disregard


Also believe emerge own birth right

Expect all connected ones to respect

And care do things hope can delight

As duty & not kind gesture feel love


So think enjoy license to misbehave

Ill-treat & insult anyone even elders

Sure self position never may danger

Assume own unlikely decide disown


And seem devils workshop of mind

Keeps fabricate stories spoil image

Of nice persons let be own relative

Get self-pity forget may get expose


But till then enjoy instigate enmity

As meddle & support harsh feeling

Induce torture & mean way of deal

Have evil pleasure prove only devil


As well be happy grow wrong habits

Turn effect harmful & hurt concern

Watch ruin life but helpless prevent

And result invite hatred serves right


Then feel shaken to senses suddenly

When see all look have turned back

And left alone cut-off each relations

 As beyond a limit none tolerate any


Further bound lose all the patience

Carryon endless despite be so kind

As terribly upset vow never restore

 Any relation want rather stay away 


Thus wise not act like own enemy

Sense illusive pride of supremacy

Once hurt heart canít bond again

Faith none indispensible in world



Music now Playing "So little man"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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