Hidden Enemy



  Hidden Enemy


Hidden Enemy


We can always be alert care

Safeguard us & also protect

Ours against likely harmful

Attacks of the known enemy


Whilst be hard to plan move

Detrimental ways easy serve

The intended selfish motives

Due to fear of getting caught


As such we are unlikely face

Resultant harm of hardships 

Or may suffer the minimum

Initiate the instant measures


But perhaps the big dangers

Could be from close persons

Exist move freely hold trust

And regarded as well wisher


Obviously no doubt on them

Imagine be crafty to deceive

And defy faith of confidence

As wish fulfill own purposes


Favourable position of state

In any form of nice relation

Help be nasty under shelter

Of friendly mask of disguise


Nearer the relation enjoyed

Simple show wrong picture

Of likely happening be soon

And clutch the intended one


Since would have innocently

Confided & told everything

Share even intimate secrets

Consider own trust worthy


Unaware makes big mistake

Danger likely future misuse

When move against interest

And give heartaches forever


Sad but feelings can change

Amid the senseless thinking

Make one enemy in no time

Also plan try back-stabbing


Hence not the known enemy

But hidden enemy can harm

As may hit hard off guarded

Appear as sincerely own one


Music now Playing "Sometimes"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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