Hidden ugly faces of crafty


  Hidden ugly faces of crafty


Hidden ugly faces of crafty


Hard imagine attitude of crafty ones

So cunning hide real mind intention

Appear so innocent & make a scene

As influence & deceive planned one


Convince be how caring & concern

Advise things be done & stay away

Though obvious couldn’t be proper

But seem satisfy own hidden desire


Impossible imagine their behaviour

Seem crave achieve what & why so

Wonder ever understand can result

Hit hard & hurt nice one no reason


But look lucky can escape liability

As decline the own involve charge

Of bad intention serve self interest

And yell how sincere no one value


As well shed some crocodile tears

Induce believe in cooked up story

Avail the sympathy from listeners

Also find intended support favour


Feel pride how clever fool around

Without fear may even get caught

Move matters suit own crafty way

Forget truth come to light one day


Expose face of true colour clearly

Be miserable see all decide desert

Emerge no chance cover save self

Then may realize but sure too late


One need remember & mind well

Nature’s rule of the justice is here

Spares none face due punishment

Be bound sooner or destined later


Hence wise exist simple & honest

Lead the tension free life of peace

And be happy also nice let others

As well be happy exist their right



Music now Playing "I just wonder how"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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