Hoping against Hopes


Many times life seem passing through

Utter darkness of only difficulties

And mind feel lost to find single way

As if all the doors of likely hopes

Appear closed like height of bad luck


That point of despairing stressed time

One try submit self to God in silence

And suddenly feel inner burning desire

Reveal hidden ray of hopeful light

Resolve the calamity of the hardships


One may get charged with new vigour

And courage to fight back anything

That might be weighing hard hit

Due to everything felt only gloomy

And no possibility of any relief


The clear mind sees positive promise

This may have been predestined

But could be lucky visualize now

With the grace of power from above

To make one feel happy & nice


There is nothing as hopeless in life

Ones time may not have ripped

Grant delight of fortune favour

That all may come across one day

So never loose hopes against hope


Music now Playing "Plan for tomorrow"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with permission

Background by John Torp


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