How bad if Thankless


  How bad if Thankless


How bad if Thankless


Sometimes we do come-across

People who are never thankful

To anyone be outsiders or own

And merrily benefits kind help


Feel get favours as birth right

So as to maintain live life fine

And others duty continue help

So see nothing great as oblige


If anyone look helpful & nice

May have hidden self interest

As support move things right

And try effort desired results


If see near-dear care selfless

Is like well expected of them

Perhaps out of own duty feel

Or happen be as their choice


Does thing make comfortable

And try feasible things please

Thus look done me no favors

And right grab the given gain


Now if God happen to shower

His grace help achieve dreams

Certain of be own destined lot

Due in favour emerge blissful


Hence so what if able benefit

Kind bless from whosoever is

Still not feel incur obligation

Or ever get move in devotion


But err in ego of self-esteem

Ignore value of kind support

That had been timely helpful

And vital on crucial moment


Well understand none bound

Suppose extend helping hand

So wise be nice feel thankful

To all who help fulfill wishes

And heartily thank Almighty


Music now Playing "Sad it is"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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