How hard admit mistake


  Do you remember


How hard admit mistake


Indeed be very difficult matter

And trying time as mind resist

Accept own fault occur wrong

First to self have due modesty


And then gather inner courage

As admit before affected being

Feel bad have basis suffer hurt

Also utter sorry in all sincerity


But human mind be so clever

Debate in mind as encourage

Fine argue & cook up reason

Dispute & refute fault charge


No matter fault be minor only

So donít imagine much worry

Or think be not that large also

Effect big damage canít let go


And even if be happen severe

Certain hit concern intensely

Still seem no desire try lessen

As ego does not allow admit it


And expect others forget that

Or let suffer just canít help it

As believe own stand be good

So think not spoil own image


When sure consider so vital

Though let may result harm

Of torture to related person

As stand despair for nothing


Thus evident be cool decline

Any of blame accuses whilst

Have power, place be tricky

Or if deal kind & dependent


Also if happen timid person

Scare the likely punishment

Or just be in habit as selfish

Behave badly but not regret


But we can not change basic

Nature of any repeat at fault

Attract difficulty of bad time

And ruin life but own create


As well spoil relation forever

With what done is done then

But if have decency as admit

May be help mitigate impact


We might only hope & pray

Wish people be humble nice

Live careful & let live peace

Cause no tension for anyone



Music now Playing "I wish"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp






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