How queer indeed



  How queer indeed


How queer indeed


Everybody has got own state

Bless the comfortable living

Or like deprive the essential

But both seems miss fortune


One helpless move own fate

As see no option but endure

And other due to own whim

Opt to ignore delights of life


Some have no shelter to live

Or many live in small places

And some got nice big places

But empty as few ones to live


Some donít get enough food

And water to survive proper

But some gets much & waste

And need to refuse as dieting


Some endures poor clothing

As not capable dressed well

But some wish scantily dress

Whilst full wardrobe as style


Some so unlucky get chance

Study well qualify good jobs

But some have no interest in

Any study despite all facility


Some strive hard for health

Still finds difficult feel well

But some do things to spoil

See no value for nice health


Some have no time for self

Care duty towards concern

But some have all free time

Do nothing and feel bored


Some are contented & live

Own lot with face of smile

But some always unhappy

Though best of everything


Likewise can be many states

Be as destiny or self invites

In lives of have & have-nots

Tell the wonder of anomaly


Music now Playing "how has life been treating you"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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