How versatile Excuses


Human mind is expert handle

Manifold excuse tool well

To suit own convenient stand

And convey desired message


Sometimes try to seek shelter

For doing or not doing things

Usually may expected to find

As obvious logical thinking


Sometimes genuinely wish say

Sorry for whatever happened

Due to ones acts or omissions

Out of own preoccupied cause


Sometimes thoughtfully used

As nothing but only pretext

To turn down sincere request

And also make it self telling


Sometimes will extend favour

But without appear as such

To save feeling of obligation

On part of intended receiver


Sometimes shake off the duty

And invite sympathy also

For ways of the behaviour

Considered unkind not done


Sometimes God alone knows

Meant for deceiving whom

And how will achieve idea

When both sides see it futile



Music now Playing "I just wonder how"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

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