Hurting attitude of suspicious


Indeed sad thing to withstand

And cope with suspicion ways

Of related & unrelated people

Forever sure meddling unduly

As if enjoying their birthright


Amid their jaundiced eyes view

And feel everything yellow only

See picture of dreaded scenario

Also insist others think likewise

Watch out against those Dragon


Their fertile mind finds wings

Fly high go beyond sky limits

Ride on invisible magic carpet

Powered by force of suspicions

To attain the imaginary world


Foolishly dwell hold self state

Be wisest to live correct ways

With own decisions of dealing

Smell others selfish and crafty

Desire avail secret bad motive


Spoil own life nice connection

Inflict hurt with their attitude

And make concerns miserable

Endure & shaken up in agony

God only tell impact of ordeal


Nothing and none can succeed

Stop their insensible thinking

May be God too try run away

Go far up the seventh heaven

Sorry see His distorted image


Music now Playing "Just keep on going"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background "blue100.jpg" taken from


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