Hurting Restrictions in Life


I am sure it is bound to be the everybodyís life experience to have been subjected to suffer face the hurting restrictions of Dos and Doníts of deeds at some or the other time in life but helpless do anything about that.


The compelling compulsions force to obey the concern ones are on many counts move against the interest & feels on the related matter but so sad unable to voice the protest explain merits of the own view & desire of action & inaction thought be right to have initiated & just harm none also.


The imposed restrictions are many times have no logical reasoning but simply followed & also forced to accept as be there since time immemorial, though may have been outdated & of no value any more when the situations & life set up is different. The life pattern may have changed & advanced but unfortunately the outlook of thinking appear be stagnant & stale stink with grieves of the involved sufferers in agony. However no one have courage to clean up & set better have some meaning.


The persons may have authority as head of the family, official in charge or hold implied powers in society. They all try to impose the restrictions based on customs & traditions or conventions prevail in the family, cast, society & religion affect the personal life or be the set working rules & regulations govern the office work or the followed norms of the deals per the business policy. There are also laid down verdicts of law of the land to be complied with & nobody is allowed to deviate from that, else can expect the trouble for sure.


The nature & degree of the punishments depend on the ongoing ways at that point of time & whims & fancy of the person in command to regulate & decide the gravity of the offence. It is hard to question why so & plead despite is unjust & may be harsh too. The concerns canít escape save self seek the considered favours.


The rule of Thumb says anybody try to oppose the set ways of life, be looked down upon, hated to cut off all the connections of the relations & treated as out of place permit to move with them. They are regarded as senseless fanatic liberates to be left alone.


Here is the wonder of life to ones dismay & surprise as well. We can find that amongst the rules preachers there are some who may have already availed the kind support in past whilst bypassing the rules to fulfill the desire. Moreover there are people misuse own position & take the advantage but crafty to get away easily, as who may like to displease the powerful person is any ones guess.


Though may sound absurd, but there are also people who really like the prevailing set of even insensible restrictions in life, feel glad & comfortable to take enough of benefits live under that shelter & be contented. It seems they treat the rulings as handy stick to frighten own people or associates threat the insult of hurting whips & force to respect the given orders.


Apart from such characters, we should not forget few who wish to lead their life within the frame of prevailing restrictions consider as Gospel truth & must be honoured, are that right or wrong least worry & donít have any offending feels as well. They donít disturb or interfere with others & prefer remain in own world as if nothing to do with anybody.


Life is really very complex & difficult to understand the varying ways of human lives, be cruel & unkind to some unfortunates & unusually helpful & be nice bliss with lucky ones.


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