I have endless patience


Oh! God I know you are busy

And whom all you likely hear

When everybody around sad

With own big list of complain


All are unhappy find given life

And live their prevailing states

Indeed difficult decide reasons

Be genuine or unwise thinking


My file I had sent you long ago

Place & plead hear my request

Urge to favour your kind grace

And left to you accept or reject


I am waiting to get your reply

Feel you will fulfill my wishes

After all how long may neglect

Begging prayers of own image


You may test testify my merit

Make me crave desire blesses

I have faith see your kindness

Whilst my devotion touch you


Wish for the fortune some day

With feel your loving presence

Fill my heart joy of happiness

I have endless patience you see


Music now Playing "Wonder girl"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "marb171.jpg" taken from



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