I hold you dear

  I hold you dear


I hold you dear


No matter let world may assume

And say what when seem please

Feel be absurd hurt for nothing

So best to ignore not lose peace


I know well what I do & desire

No need get approved by any

So will struggle well with will

And surpass hurdle appear any


As ever aim do anything & all

That I think may you please

Believe my only life priority

You are all I care for extreme


So have interest picture what

You may like if see take place

And guard none try you upset

Hope rest assure Iím with you


God alone might know well

How bad & sad I feel while

Unluckily things go wrong

And see you suffer even least


Pray all my heart Almighty

With tears as feel concern

Anxious hear when get relief

Till then how restless be seen


I am sure you do know well

You are only one I care a lot

And love you beyond words

Hold you dear as great bliss


And expect ill fate not envy

Aim pinch my only God-gift

Which I regard as precious

Much keen possess forever



Music now Playing "You are all that I care for"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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