I know that well


My love appears be baseless

Since have no rightful place

And still I canít help but feel

Your charm you have on me


I know no logic in what I say

I donít know how to explain

Immense happiness of peace

While I feel you are with me


I know love is like a wild fire

If fail withstand the powers

Can drive one mad at times

Though source of divine life


I know every one not lucky

Seek desired reciprocation

But placed on various state

I am willing face that stake


I know you are quite aware

Even if may hurt & neglect

Still sure dwell in my heart

In unique ways of my state


I know nothing comes easy

Least ones wish to find love

But Iíll wait for my chance

Delight of dream turns true


I know you got freedom say

Own wish to deny or accept

But see decide turn around

If you are meant to be mine


I know our love is unusual

And has cosmic connection

To help us find each other

Wherever might be placed


Music now Playing :-

"Now that we are together again"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


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