I know this moment is mine


  I know this moment is mine


I know this moment is mine


I do know this moment seem is mine

So can think effort all possible ways

And expect turn my life be how nice 

As be glad & delight who are mine


For I know & definite of bitter truth

We canít mistake trust next moment

That may or not chance again in life

And continue pinch forever be sorry


Hence wise be cautious & on watch

Grip luck of nice choice when arise

So as to treasure that amazing bless

As wonderful time & relive as recall


As such we can only decide do things

That may wish for self & related one

Just right now not wait for a minute

So can possibly succeed fulfill wishes


And glad realize preferred positions

Which happen be only like a dream

Bring what a joy no words can spell

But simply felt as the hearty delight


Life can really be so simple live easy

If can hear inner voice & act in time

Fulfill own wishes that look feasible

Get pleasure of each moment as last


Also be kind support others request  

At once not err ignore or plan defer

As none has guarantee of tomorrow

And save regret finish right matters


I have promised self live determined

Never lapse attend even small things

Feel peaceful did what was essential

As I know only this moment is mine


So is true for all, may or not believe

And choose own life pattern as want

But be responsible for own decision

When find peace or despair as result



Music now Playing "I'm sitting here by the fire"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp




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