I like live Today

  I like live today


I like live Today


I like live today as get chance

Can see fresh way plan again

Want thank God gift new day

Seem spark write as longing


Revise matter seem go wrong

Despite work out how perfect

But no good fail prevent ruin

So need set right as seem best


Or consider chance continue

Finest preferred stand of life

And relive heavenly life flash

Wonderful time please again


Yesterday is just bygone day

Let was good or occur as sad

Unknown maybe come again

Sudden delight or might pain


This greatly depend on today

Can exist how right or wrong

While decide daring progress

Upshot result see own attract


Future remain hidden always

And certain none divine here

Predict well upcoming future

But got wait till come to light


So why live illusory pleasure

Or upset feel imagine trouble

And ignore destined prospect

Find wish state effort positive


As such everything looks like

Rotate around only on today

When move roll as yesterday

And tomorrow enter as today


Both yesterday & tomorrow

Be beyond anyone’s control

Halt a while let sense happy

Or oblige not problem again


Except today be in our hand

Make best of chance delight

Care past experience history

Base future emerge feel nice


Thence hope no more suffer

As hurt haunt as nightmare

When remain alert see bliss

Help live each fine moment


As well count fated blessing

Forgive & forget mean ones

And attain peace of content

I like welcome & live today



Music now Playing "Oh happy day"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp






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