I miss You


Days after days have passed

In waiting & hoping the luck

Of seeing happy day to arise

With blessings of your grace


I recall those wonderful days

Treasured as sweet memory

When I had enjoyed fortune

Of meeting without craving 


If you may think for a while

Can see merit of my torment

And the state of missing feels

I am going through in strides 


Wondering the likely reasons

Why unable to spare me time

In spite of how much begging

And come to fulfill my wishes


Fear you donít remember me

Seem lost place in your heart

For the reasons canít imagine

But may have been something


I am dejected and in distress

With haunting questions why

Unable to bear & live my life

Please forgive me if any hurt


Where you are lost my dear

I am missing you very much



Music now Playing:

"See how I love you"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission



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