If can hear me


  If can hear me


If can hear me


OhÖ!!!! My darling where are you

Can you see how restless me

And keep longing every minute

As I take every breath in agony


Wish can hear unuttered words

How much I suffer in silence

Though hidden under smiles

But clearly paint my pain


You had promised me dear

Long back while leave me

That soon will come home

And spend time with me


But you had to report back

Obey the order as warrior

Due to warfare canít help

Though had just married


Ever since then eagerly

Waiting in endless patience

And anxious hear from you

But have no news from you


Naturally fear worst thing

And keep praying in tears

For welfare & longevity

Of your so precious life


What to tell you my Love

I have no courage now

Live in despair of deject

Please return & meet me


Remember my sweet heart

I will be with you forever

Will remain alive only till

You are there on earth


God forbid but moment

I feel you have left world

Be the martyr for country

Can look back will find me

Surprise see go with you


Thence will meet in peace

Live together hand in hand

To content of hearty wish

As nothing prevail part us



Music now Playing "Will you help me"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp



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