If feel right way in life

 If feel right way in life


If feel right way in life


The matter can least important

Or look very vital should effort

So as to build life of own desire

When may live happy as please


This be natural wish of anyone

Though hope canít grab power

Turn reality of envisage dream

And prove as only wishful wish


Since require right effort chart

Basis on due talent & available

Resources input flow also ideal

And watch move with patience


Nothing can happen see magic

Expect find as miracle success

But have to keep struggle hard

Still may or not succeed result


If lucky may satisfy gain fruits

Of effort made & can continue

If meet failure so what can try

Again revise way learnt lesson


Granted all feel sad whilst fail

But silly react wild cause hurt

And risk precious life may end

As if unwanted in gloom whim


That hazard may simple avoid

Only if rise to situation & look

Truth with daring stand accept

Also may seek courage support


Think something definite went

Wrong be within or be beyond

Human control & got establish

As insight with positive outlook


Maybe overconfident of ability

Find trapped in hard situation

Maybe efforts had fell short of

Tough competition grasp want


Maybe work wrong knowhow

Use time, energy & resources

Cause the ineffective struggle

When need only smart system


Maybe onset of abrupt trouble

Fail to fix fast appear bad luck

Stop adverse effect of calamity

Although be none of own fault


Still wise take as life challenge

Instead be sad brood-over past

And decide search next chance

Wish emerge as fortunate bliss


After all God gives us new day

Attempt goes imagine promise

As feel delight see right action

Achieve & reach dream vision



 Music now Playing "Now is the time"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission





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