If love make Friends


Well go ahead to make friends

Seek company of like-minded

To share happiness & sorrows

Find pleasures & due support


Never mind any of differences

Cast, religion, state, sex & age

While involved ones is sincere

And comfortable interact well


Nothing wrong enjoy your life

Move about for merry-making

Going party program & movie

Or simply chatting over things


All remain fine if within limits

Preserve decent due distance

And not indulge in any things

 Land in trouble full of misery


Ensure safeguard least lapses

Likely cause pinching repents

Of facing horrible experience

May wish escape but be hard


Good friendship is rare boon

And like very delicate flower

To be nurtured with the care

Save break suddenly & loose

Get fragrance delight forever


Music now Playing "My brown eyed girl"

Composed & Played by John Torp


Used with Permission

Background "Purlp164.jpg" taken from



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