If overestimate self state


Indeed sad but the bitter reality

Mostly everybody prefers live in

Dream world holds high powers

To control & command own say


May concern place in own house

Between the relatives & friends

Or relate social place in society

Or refer to any official capacity


Due to luck of physical stamina

Or exclusive intellectual ability

Or own favourable placements

Or be intuitive spiritual spirits


While become self complacent

Think self be the supreme one

Forget view others stronghold

And may get trapped unaware


Result face unexpected things

And never imagined adversity

Stuns feel helpless & save self

Find own powers short falling


If wish never face such plight

Sensibly foresee & anticipate

Likely shape of things on way

See own & others true ability


Music now Playing "Strange Dream"

Composed & Played by John Torp,


Used with Permission

Background "dddf17.jpg." taken from



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