If wish live Happy



It is natural wish of everybody desire to live happy life of least wanting & missing feels deprive the necessary & preferred things nag keep pinching.


However the term happiness is supposed to be the relative as relate to different things at different points of time for the same person & also differ from person to person consider hold magnitude of values. What may be great source of happiness for one may mean just casual matter make no difference if be there or not in opinion of others & also in the same family.


Basically it depends on a state of ones mind & has the attitude see & perceive whatever that happens in own situation & in the life of related concerns. There can be many reasons to feel glad have the nice experience give delights, but easy get ignored if one has wrong thinking all the time & remain unhappy curse life.


It is wrong search the happiness from outside rather than wise understand look for the same from within self which is always there if may see wish be glad & thankful to Almighty feel as His grace.


How silly think that the desired happiness can be purchased against a price if wealthy amass expensive things & engage any number of people if think may make happy. As well can possibly borrow like material things from anybody if when wants or expect others to make all efforts contribute happiness if are nice.


Where in reality even concern related also has no power to control others feelings that make for their happiness or unhappiness. As such at most only can sincerely support & share the good feels in well wishes or may move in sympathy in kindness as the case be.


At times how absurd, some imagine that it is the duty of the destined fate to remain in favour regard self as privilege person & please. But forget that nothing can ever achieve just like that on its own to satisfy give the intended happiness.


As such if wish fulfill wishes, we have got to strive hard with the strong will of the determinations move the intention work well to accomplish dream desires. Wise remember you & you only are the master of your life. If be positive have right ways, providence too favour one day bless happiness through cosmic powers. If not, definite lead bitter life of regrets none can help.


Moreover, some really enjoy keep complain & get negative satisfaction say how own life is unhappy in sorry state to invite useless sympathy feel nice thereby. Also continue get pleasure in self pity be in own imaginative sad world, despite have everything just & right make one happy.


It is certain that just wish live Happy can not ensue like get readymade garments or ready to eat food packets but need make due efforts succeed success. Although one canít expect preferred results every time since require bless from Above go along, but sure to get the satisfaction of trying the best & some happiness as well during the process of attempts.


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