Impact of someone Say

  Impact of someone Say


Impact of someone Say


We may or not notice & believe

That we mostly look influenced

By whatever others seem to say

At each & every moment in life


During the course of entire day

We interact with many persons

Be related & known or anyone

Deal in official or casual habit


Mode of communication many

Personal visit, phone call, mail

Messenger or happen overhear

Cause anyone feels nice or bad


Be human nature exist anxious

And concern finds what others

Think about own place & skill

If fine be happy & if not sorry


May sound strange but in fact

Look play vital role has power

Change ones prevailing mood

As effect make or mar the day


Sensitive mind tend gets hurt

Even as see least of disregard

Or feel delight in just no time

While may sight kind gesture


We can do nothing to control

Thinking & behaviour of any

But in own hand try cultivate

Self-control restrict the stress


Though not be easy succeed

As ignore others upset mind

And mean to those senseless

Their silly way seem useless



Music now Playing "It was long ago now"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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