Influence of Superstition


  Influence of Superstition


Influence of Superstition


We must have heard at times

Many have got strong beliefs

On good & bad omen happen

As influence by certain things


Such passions incline prevail

Regardless of education level

Cast, creed, religion & place

Or position has in the society


May relate to incidence occur

As may help or disturb ritual

Or sense presence of someone

Live blissful or imply ill-fated


May pertain to certain things

Some colour, day, date, digit

Or a few food item & clothes

As is symbol bring good luck


May also think some blessed

Enjoy bliss of the sixth sense

Thus can envision & deduce

Possible movement in future


Imagine pray definite deity

Amid fast, offering and vow

Prone please cosmic powers

Faith have bless realize wish


Also feel some words spoken

On particular time turn true

So one need be very cautious

Save regret of terrible event


Be hard induce stop believe

In signs base on superstition

Since may or not move hope

And see arise as coincidence

Of what was destined & due

Or only can be logical result

As appear on given situation


Nothing & none has powers

Grant help get desired effect

But own thinking & the acts

Cause nice or tough life state



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