Is life what you think is


Maybe rarely for a few fortunate seem born lucky find wish bliss in the life see life is what they think. However, never so for everybody hold good likewise. As force live with the bitter reality of life, never be smooth sailing as may expect even for the small matters look how simple apparently but appear complicated give blow.


Make the involve ones stun with sudden upshot of issue never imagine can occur require deal with & end-up turn the promising delightful wish time in agony of the distress & despair of the dejects only.


We may rightly think that everything & everybody would move logically go obvious way but noÖ..that doesnít happen most of the time and emerge stressful based on individual ideas, attitudes, secret objective, work of influential onesí aims, matter of authority ego & jealousy & also some strange reasons cause undue interference, though no way seem concern anyway.


That is real mishap not only relate personal life but also pertain to social, official, business & any sort association at all levels that may involve short or long term interactions effect wasted interest some way.


Result make answerable, suffer direct-indirect punishments, endure blames for no fault & none of own makings too but appear instrumental at times see the sad outcome as cause the painful hurt of the calamity to own dear-near. Though feel helpless stop that & control damage of anguish ruin happy state of nice relation.


We imagine when exist as nice helpful person live honest ways be in own world, there is no reason why anyone would try poke their nose when no way have any concern in the matter & disturb the peace then.


But there are many enjoy hurt others for nothing, say stupid things, impose own ideas use power of position, tell lies attract attention & sympathy as speak bad of nice own narrate spicy cooked stories, expect spoil the image develop hatred, hungry snatch credit for things havenít done & surely incapable, levy false charges harm efficient & wish make own case for the promotion, boast can hamper the career if disobey orders & so on be great nuisance only.


We tend put full trust on who consider own, be blood relation, friends & others with who we like to deal normally & share every confidential matters also freely, never know when that may turn like big blunder get used like backstabbing weapon serve selfish purpose.


And  usually we believe that need guard self well while interact with unknown & any consider seem be enemy like, but sometimes prove there be no danger from them at all. In fact see come forward extend kind help in emergency to ones surprise change the belief.


We feel sure that honesty is the best policy in life whether at home, in office or as deal with any for some reasons as nothing to hide fear can get caught face the consequences feel regret.


But in fact outright liars & corrupt ones look enjoy prevail own say craft lies sound just right stand on their part have moral in life. Also clever convince anyone exist how kind & helpful to all in need. And coolly fix the innocent as paint wrong dishonest try advantage undue benefits.


We imagine nothing like have the merit of competence & sound knowledge of subjects required for the admission in wish school, college or institute. As well think the acquired qualification & the talent are good enough get the desired job in the business house or the company of choice as anticipate bright future.


But in the reality all that be in the back seat & the front seats be reserved for the people with influence, money power, vested interests of high position authority etc. as reject the genuine claim of the deserving people in favour of utterly hopeless ones. Yet have to tolerate in silence with sigh of fated bad luck deprive rightful chance.


We think that own relatives, blood relations & close friends would always standby in need maybe just a call away but will run extend the helping hand can rest assure have faith.


But never know with time things may have changed so as their priority place of people in life. You canít predict when may have lost the best regarded earlier place in their life & suddenly find seem no more care for you & hold some other ones feel important close then for the reasons they only should know better.


We can understand that if there is some reason related senior people may turn unkind feel displease over things & want inflict punishment or scold unduly force follow own set wish rules.


But many a times for some whimsical reasons of absurd ideas persons in authority at home or in office can simply harass their dependents, juniors & subordinates for nothing. And devise inflict terrible torture ways all the time. Can physically, mentally & emotionally.


We would think that all have equal right to live life own way regardless of age, sex, education, physical & mental shortcoming & ability to make earnings hold place.


But in reality that doesnít happen. It is only the voice of the powerful person dominates rest. And look is the survival of the fittest & useful ones only have some place. As such, the weak & sick may have to live at the mercy of strong & got be wise live endure things in fortitude. 


It is much natural think loving kind nature should be above socio-economic state of at least own related ones as no one comes to any seek help favour nor anyone so kind think give selfless support as moral responsibility.


But the truth is, all look worship & respect only the successful persons & wish to keep them pleased then. Easy forget those very persons they were avoiding & appear indifferent to their sufferings during their unfortunate time of the adversity. 


It is supposed that people with fair skin, rich & powerful have got the invisible license think have right to misbehave, insult & ill-treat anyone & all should be nice bow down to their wish orders.


But sadly overlook the fact that such superiority advantage can vanish in no time with age, sickness or fated accident in life & all would have turn their back due to bad nature, so feel left all alone when really need someone share sufferings of hard luck.


Likewise we can observe all the time things appear different than what may expect, require be watchful & struggle all the time protect own & nearsí interest exist rightful wish way of own life find the possible peace & happiness.




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