Its absence & not presence value


  Its absence & not presence value


Its absence & not presence value


I always wonder why that be so

Many seem take easy overlook

Due value of things enjoy well

Regard them as own birthright


Consider would continue such

Forever during the whole life

No matter not care appreciate

And thank God bless good life


So careless deal as hold craze

And absurd spot finest option

Of any of the life opportunity

Feel can get when may fancy


Likewise in habit undervalue

Sincere feelings of everybody

Assume can afford disregard

Though can hurt as offensive


But all the days never remain

The same as might look want

And appear different one day

Whilst nothing go like before


Self situation sound shaking

See others decide the reason

Why to continue the relation

When there’s no self-respect


Hence quietly withdraw self

Or might have left the world

Leave behind sweet memory

Of own presence while there


Likewise all nice life chances

As well could have gone away

Since had failed pay attention

And then only left live regrets


How sad see one seem realize

True value of what was there

But occur lost later on due to

Own fault & none can blame



Music now Playing "If I could live my life again"

Composed & Played by John Torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp





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