Joking effect

  Joking effect


Joking effect


Joking is something said or done

So as make momentary fun only

As amuse the hearers look laugh

Expect be in cheerful mood then


Nothing tell seriously true about

When mean play a trick on them

But at times can regard as insult

Effect make angry & look upset


So utmost care be very essential

Ensure use of words & way said

Not sound aim taunt to rundown

Since really never intend do that


So must see the place & moment

Also vision temper of the person

Who may or not stand joke easy

Cause end up regret & be sorry


Joking habit also prove adverse

When locate none pay attention

While inform important matter

Hope share view make decision


Again joking is a kind of an art

Not all can master utilize it fine

And sure benefit self or listener

Help find courage face as brave


When happen hear bitter truth

Hit life cruel & fail find escape

So crack joke as reduce impact

Of hurt on self or affected ones


All the same wise avoid joking

Danger make gloomy situation

Oblige say sorry plead pardon

If spot offend instead laugh off


And feel no peace until forgive

But all that be own invite only

Judge how useless for nothing

Yet initiate joke time & again


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