Just a ray of hope

  Just a ray of hope


Just a ray of hope


Let the situation & everything seem

Gloomy see no way do well control

And helpless in despair of problem

Then just a ray of hope if may arise


Can be good enough spark the idea

And spot the path kindle with light

Inspire solution cope with situation

Appear only mess & be in dilemma


And load the heart with fresh vigor

With positive feel of determination

Decide do best that look is feasible

Imagine promise of confident hope


Although worst of trying test time

Of tough endurance with patience

Source lost in deject of frustration

As believe own strength seem little


Whilst burning desire within force

Handle & master face any problem

Stand nothing can defeat self spirit

And firm not breakdown surrender


Thus possibly upshot wonder effect

Show some hidden proper method

Excite effort diligently & continue

Plan escape mishap & lessen crisis


Also induce feel the crucial daring

As attain amazing desired success

Amid ray of hope zest will & wish

Show the brighter side of life way



Music now Playing "I'm sure"

Composed & Played by John torp

Used with Permission

Background by John Torp


Email: ksm.kiranarts@gmail.com



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